pondělí 8. srpna 2016

Weekly news #7

Reposted from Steam:

Hello everyone,
2 weeks past pretty quickly and now it's time for some Weekly News. Yeah we know it's monday already #laziness so let's take a really briefly what's new.
Patch 0.7
Alright it's really coming. We have implemented about 90% of madness mode so next what to do is some testing bugfixing and balancing. The Madness Update 0.7 should be initiated in 2 weeks if everything goes well.
By the way these 10% are pretty hard to complete because they need pretty much work to do. Some of mutiplayer synchronizing and some of map editing so as you can imagine these needs more time for finishing them them.
Balance of Madness
As I said One of the most difficult parts are coming up - testing, balancing & bug fixing. We (even I) have no idea how much time it gonna takes but let's hope it won't be too much. #summerTime ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Actually we would like to rework missions before update release because now as it is the only way how to get points for Madness events is from gaining level. The Missions should be another way how to get some madness points and try some crazy combinations in Madness Mode.
Small Changes & Beta
Also we did some smaller changes in options (options are still little bit ragged but everything gets some changes once in time - just be patient)
Added SW Antialiasing instead of HW which doesn't support HDR.
We added a changelog window when the Update comes. Hopefully it let some players know there's a update so they will read what has been changed in it.
If you are horny enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)... okay okay if you are tuned in and want to help us with some feedback you can try out the Beta of game. there's a build with madness mode. Hovewer, we already found a bug with counting of madness point cost so it's little more expensive than it supposed to be. Not much but still.
OK I think it's enough for now. We're going to test some new features right after lunch. If you have anything in your mind please let us know in the comments and as always good luck in the arena and see you next time.

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