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Weekly news #5

Hello everyone,

As you probably noticed, the progress and the buzz about Grenade Madness faded away somehow in the past few weeks. The main reason is that we switched to what we call a holiday development regime. That’s why there was no news posted last week. On the other side, this doesn’t mean we are stopping the development for the next two months, we are just going to slow down a little.


Before we dig into the changes in the game, I’d like to mention something about the activity and the player counts in the game. We know about it and we are now doing our best to have the game in a notional level where we all will be satisfied. Of course we welcome your willingness in sharing the game and letting more people know it’s still in development and changing a lot ( for the better, we hope :) ). As regards the “notional level” - this includes having Madness Mode completed, as well as the Traits, a lots of balancing with some other smaller changes, rework of the achievements and missions, graphic update (we have not yet scheduled the graphical update due to the problems with Unity update ) and other changes.

Madness mode

The first thing of the things listed above is now in progress and is the main subject of the next update. For those who have no idea what Madness mode is, here’s a brief info: Madness mode is a system, that is launching the events during the game round, and therefore influencing the whole game from other perspective. These events can be combined together and they can have an adjustable intensity. For example that all players will be suddenly faster by 30%. But it could by 100 as well… But it’s not that simple. To be able to control such crazy behavior with other things, such as bigger magazines or other events, you will need Madness Points. You get Madness Points for every level reached and also for completing the missions. We will later add Weekly Events as another way to get Madness Points. But this is not a matter of the upcoming weeks so I won't dig into this topic right now. You can then use these Madness Points as a “currency”, but do don’t worry. Madness Point is not a single use currency, your points are re-usable for next rounds. So in other words - the more you play and the more missions you complete the crazier combination of events you can create to make the game more fun and escalating until the end.

The current progress of Madness Events is that we have roughly six events implemented out of all 17. Events are different and they are divided to three categories: Passive events, Active events and time events. Most of the events are in the passive category which means that the event lasts until the end of the round (for example faster running or magazine size). Active events are in other words the ones that are fired single time, such as despawning of all crates in the arena or transformation of all crates to explosive barrels. Currently we have only one such event and it’s the debuff silence, which disables grenades shooting for 15 seconds (but knifes and rocket launchers are working perfectly… ) This event is stackable - the duration is stacking altogether.


We would also like to give our game user interface more colors to make it more exciting to click through. We will try to use colors that fit the game theme more. This is only a plan for now so I have nothing to show you right now. Anyway, as regards of the GUI redesign, we hope it will make the game look more cool and easy for beginners to understand.

So that’s everything for this week, we hope that you like the Madness Mode. If you have any questions or suggestions, use the comments below. We would like to read your opinions. And as i mentioned, please be patient, we are in the holiday regime. We need to get some fresh motivation by resting and enjoying the beautiful weather outside :) For all the hardcore gamers playing in the summer heat, and to all of you as well - Good luck at the arena!

Jouki // posted by Dzetro

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