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Weekly news #3

Reposted from Steam:

Hey everyone, the week is behind us (and another busy week ahead) and it’s time for the next summary. This time I will give you less information than normally, because we are finishing with the 0.6.0 update. Let’s see what we’ve managed to get done.

Holy Grenade

Let’s talk about the holy grenade that we mentioned last time. It will be a part of the 0.6.0 update, but its functionality is not 100% finished as we plan it to be. Right now it’s difficult to describe the differences of how HG is implemented. Simply put, the Holy Grenade will have it’s own separated magazine, but it will be limited by the primary magazine limit. This feature will be available in the next update, because we (Dzetro) have to reorganize a huge part of the code working with the magazine system etc.

The indicator of whether you are in range of the Holy grenade

1st power-up balance

I will be honest with this one, we have found an elementary bug in the power-up probability algorithm. (Dzetro was never friends with math ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). After we fixed this, the power-ups started to appear as often as we designed it originally. We will surely continue to fix the probabilities to tune it as best as we can. We want at least 50% of all power-ups to be the basic ones as Grenade++, Quick explosions, Speed up… I’m gonna tell you why right now.

The desire of domination (loosing of power-ups):

One of the main factors influencing the gameplay are the power-ups. The problem was that after 7 minutes of gameplay, you had enough of everything and the gameplay started to repeat itself because you actually lost the hunger for power-ups, because you had all of them already. This is now over - after you die, you loose all of them. Ok it won’t be that hardcore, because this would demotivate you too much. When you die you loose one stack of passive power-ups. This means that if you have +5 grenades, you will have only +4 when you respawn. Gun Upgrade can only be aquired once so you will loose it too. The exception is the holy grenade. (Right now they function as they will be after the magazine rework). You will be able to stack holy grenades, but you will loose all of them when you die. So be careful, and protect them!

We are working on a lot of other bug fixes and changes. For example the fix of gun upgrade bug. It won’t be showing some random point in the middle of the map any longer. We are testing bigger grenades, so you can see them better, or for example, we have fixed the bug that made you have infinite ammo. We are also balancing other weapons that are not used that often.

And the last two things I want to inform you about our plans of implementing the Dash and the option of testing beta versions.

Dash: Maybe some of you have noticed that SHIFT is now used for a walk. It’s a relic of the old concept, before I started to stir in to the development. All of you will probably agree that walk in Grenade Madness is as useless as walking in Fallout - It just doesn’t fit in to the concept of crazy action game and that’s why we are removing the walk and we will implement the Dash. You will be able to move yourself ahead very fast in intervals. But after you run out of energy, you will have to wait until it's charged again. I will give you more details after the basic implementation.

Beta versions: On Steam, you have the ability to play the experimental versions of the game. Once in a while we are updating the game mechanics or power-up probabilities for example. This is, besides our needs, a possibility for you to try new things in the game that are not yet part of the stable version and maybe to give us some feedback.

So this is it. I should now go write down the v 0.6.0 patchnotes. Maybe next time I will mention other things, not exactly connected with the game. I give you no promises, because if we will have enough of news about the game, I will rather talk about them. In the next update we plan to move to the new Unity version and with this (I'm too optimistic) some graphics changes will come. To be honest I have no idea if something will go wrong during the development and maybe something will take us much longer than we expect right now.

Thank you for reading this to the end. If someone find this more boring than the last time, I’m sorry, finalizing the update is not as fun as some visible changes. Good luck at the arena and see you next time with the 0.6.0 update

Jouki // posted by Dzetro

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