úterý 31. května 2016

Weekly news #1

Reposted from Steam:

Hey guys,

We have just told ourselves that we would like to communicate and interact with you more than before using the Steam announcements, so you know what’s going on right now, what we are working on and how are we (developers) doing overall…
Sometimes we would like to share what problems we are facing, what we are thinking about and to share some newbie developers experience with you, right?
We will try hard to make these announcments a weekly routine (new post every friday - sunday). In this first one, we would like to tell you more about the upcoming goals we want to finish ASAP before the release of update number 0.6 (it’s coming in June!)

Okay so, maybe you noticed that we haven’t posted any news for a while. Don't worry, we are still wokring as hard as we can (we still have our daily jobs). Right now we are adding some new features and we are balancing the gameplay. Also we are reworking the power-ups. Some of them had already been changed and they are now divided by color to categories to make this more intuitive for you.

blue - active ability
purple - passive ability
orange - rare/special ability
red - negative ability (magnet)
green - Heal
grey - others (experience points)

We already made some little changes, for example the Fast Run power-up is now a passive ability and Detonation radius is twice more bigger than before.

Except power-ups we have reworked the magazine system of grenade launchers. We have to balance this a little bit to make the game playable even with 8 players online. Madness is real! Yeah we know... the game is called grenade madness but sometimes it’s a little bit too much mad and you know what we are talking about if you tried it.

Grenades are now renewed after they explode - in other words, a fired grenade is back in the magazine just after it explodes so you can just fire all grenades almost at once. However we will nerf the time before explosion because this change is great catalyst of crazy gameplay. We love all the booms and beams but still we have to keep the game playable and fun at the same time :)

We also updated the collision system of explosions. Now it won’t happen again that you will get hit through a crate or a wall.

As for the graphics, we have some plans but it’s not the priority right now since the game doesn't look ugly anymore. We will give you more details in the next post.
Well that's all for now. I will be more specific the next time (I will try), but you can comment your own suggestions and questions below and I will try to answer them in the next post. Thank you for reading this to the end.. Wish you a good luck when playing the game!