čtvrtek 21. dubna 2016

What are we up to after the release?

Hello there!

It's been a week since we released the game and we are starting to get some feedback from real players finally! We cleaned out our trello board and we now focus on making the game more enjoyable by editing some of the basic elements of the gameplay. We are adding/removing some power-ups and weapons, tuning up the weapons damage and speed and other stuff.

A lot of you are concerned about the player counts on the servers. Yeah, that's a big problem and that's why we asked steam to let us sell bundles for a better price per copy (so you can play with your friends) but we got no response yet. We will also try to improve the AI of the robots on the empty servers.

A video by asher13ish, the first let's play video of Grenade Madness steam version.

We plan to release an update in the next 10-14 days which will hopefully include:

  • Major gameplay improvements (e.g. player speed, weapons damage etc..)
  • Trading cards
  • Shorter round time
  • Some map updates (better lightning and some new assets for example)

See you soon!

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