středa 10. února 2016

New blood and new arenas

New blood

The last three months of development were very important and we made some huge progress. About 5 months ago Petr Maxa joined our team and beside his massive models/textures/graphics contribution in the game he brought some very good ideas into the game.

Not a lot of content is left since the first demo release. We got rid of all the ugly arenas - The only ones left are The factory and The desert.

We added AI

A lot of players were not able to fully enjoy game because of the empty servers and lack of opponents. We added a very basic AI robots into the game, who do the job. They are not very intelligent yet but it will be one of our next goals to improve this :)

New universal gun

We added a new weapon to the game - the universal builder. Besides the boxes/crates that protect you in the arena, you will now be able to place explosive barrels wherever you want with the new gun.

We are also open to some new ideas - The new building system lets us add pretty much anything as an "ammo" to this gun.


We plan to release the game this April as an Early Access as it is starting to be fully playable. We are now putting the Steam store page together and we are also thinking about the price. We will go for something between 10 and 15$ probably.

If you want a steam beta key, just ping us at

Some screenshots of the new maps in the game

The Mayan temple

Server room



Sci-fi ship

Have an idea or question?

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